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26 Sep 2023

Juno House presents: Healthy Brains = Healthy Children ***please register using the poster only***

Noon - 1:30 PM

Presented By: Andrea Halwas, BA, MFA, PhD, REACE, Registered Expressive Arts Therapy Consultant, Associate Therapist & Educational Coordinator at Juno House

Before High School graduation, one third of adolescent girls will experience depression, anxiety disorders, self harm or an eating disorder.
At Juno House www.junohouse.ca we believe in the extraordinary healing power of parents and caregivers. We believe that you can learn all of the skills that you need to become your teen’s emotional coach. We believe that talking does not grow neurons; experience grows neurons. We will share steps and strategies from the Juno House Therapeutic Model that will give you effective emotional coaching tools for your children as they develop through adolescence and into young adulthood. You will learn about :
• Neuroscience and the developing brain,
• Brain integration of the left and right brain,
• How anxiety develops,
• The background of emotions and how to understand them in your child,
• The five emotional coaching steps,
• Strategies to help guide your adolescent through the challenges they will face in their academic, peer, and emotional environments.

20 Sep 2023

Target Dyslexia ***please register using the poster only***

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Presenter: Tanya Keto, BEd, MEd (School and Applied Child Psychology) Manager, Professional Development and Community Education at Foothills Academy Society

Dyslexia occurs in an estimated 5-15% of the population and refers to individuals who display fundamental and often profound difficulties with reading and spelling single words in isolation. This difficulty has a wide range of implications across academic settings and grades including reading comprehension, the development of vocabulary, and the ability to spell and communicate in writing. Educators play a critical role in the trajectory and outcomes of students with Dyslexia, and there is so much we can be doing to help these kids. Join Tanya in this introduction to Dyslexia as she discusses:
• Red flags
• Diagnosis, statistics, and developmental trajectory of students with Dyslexia
• The language associated with Dyslexia
• Cognitive processes involved in reading
• Evidence-based Tier 2 and 3 interventions

20 Sep 2023

Stress Management ***please register using the poster only***

Noon - 1:30 PM

Presenter: Ruta Vilunaite
Bachelor's degree in Social Pedagogy and Master in Social Work
Youth facilitator - viewpoints Calgary
Closer to Home Community Services

Participants will learn:
• Signs of stress and how to recognize them.
• Support for kids and teens in stress management.
• Stress sources and levels.
• How stress affects our body and mental health.

05 Jul 2023

Brain Development and Technology ***please register using the poster only***

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Kayla Yuzdepski, a Family Champion Facilitator at the YW Family Resource Network, will be the presenter for this session. Kayla has a background in Child and Youth Care and is passionate about brain development in youth.

This session will be covering the effects of technology and screen time on the developing brain, sleep, school performance, and physical wellbeing. In this presentation, we will also discuss strategies on curving the use of technology and how to create healthy boundaries around it. This session is created for caregivers with children between the ages of 0 to 17.